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Your business is ready for the best quality molds. Let us empower you with our decades of experience.

Chocolate Molds Made in the USA Chocolate Molds Made in the USA

Whether you’re creating a custom mold for the first time, or you’ve outgrown your current setup, let the experienced team at Micelli guide you step by step through the whole process. Properly planned, these may not be your first molds, but they could very well be your last.

Whether you’re an artisanal chocolatier, edibles manufacturer or have designs for injection molding where precision is non-negotiable, our durable and high quality molds will last for decades. Micelli has been creating precision molds since 1947 for large multinational chocolate manufacturers. Our experience means delivering the breathtaking craftsmanship required of artisanal mold makers at the intersection of passion, purpose, and engineering. We’re also the only company manufacturing polycarbonate injection molds here in the US.