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For The Love of Making Chocolate: Micelli Interviews Moonstruck Chocolate

Moonstruck Chocolate Highlights the Beauty and Delicious Taste of Locally Sourced Ingredients in their Artisanal Chocolate

We are so excited to share with you our newest installment of For the Love of Making Chocolate. We were able to talk to Joanna Hartvickson of Moonstruck Chocolate about their truly authentic take on artisanal chocolates. Based in Portland, OR their focus on locally sourced, high-quality ingredients results in stunning bars of chocolate called Bark Bars. These chocolate composites enhance the chocolate enjoyment experience both visually as well as on the palate by uniting the rich flavor of chocolate with various flavor elements. 

They know that the foundation of a good bar of chocolate starts with the chocolate itself. Their other product offerings are an array of chocolate bars, truffles, panned chocolate, and hot cocoa that each highlight their mastery of the craft. 

To find out more, read our interview below!

Can you discuss the history of Moonstruck Chocolate and how the company has stayed true to its origins?

Moonstruck has a great story — for 25 years, we’ve been following our dream of making delicious, high-quality chocolate to delight all the senses. We have deep roots to Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest — from hazelnuts to blueberries, most of our non-cacao ingredients are locally sourced.

Moonstruck is genuinely artisanal – a gourmet offering of handmade truffles, bars, panned and hot cocoa products. We exist to craft unexpected experiences that remind people why they fell in love with chocolate in the first place.

By looking at your product line, particularly your bark bars, it seems you really want the ingredients to shine, can you talk about the organic design and how that can focus the consumer on your raw ingredients?

Across our product lines, high-quality ingredients are the standard. We source locally from the bounty of the Pacific Northwest wherever possible. Our bark bars in particular showcase the ingredients with which they are made – creating a stunning bar with a wonderful bite.

How are Micelli molds integral to your final product?

We use custom Micelli molds for our classic and bark bar lines to ensure quality and consistency – two necessities for getting our chocolates out into the marketplace looking and tasting their best.

What is the inspiration behind some of your chocolate flavors? 

Innovation stems from throughout the organization, but is harnessed by our master chocolatier, Julian Rose. He’ll tell you he is inspired by all he experiences – from travel to culture to architecture. He harnesses the magnificent flavors of the world to fit to our customer’s palette.

What products in your line are you most excited for a new person to try?

Every person experiences chocolate differently – from ivory to dark, the bite and the flavor profile. I’d encourage anyone trying Moonstruck chocolate for the first time to go for what peaks their interest the most. From bars to truffles, you just can’t go wrong.

Are there any processes or techniques you are interested in incorporating into your chocolate-making repertoire?

In 2018, we launched the Chocolate Lab – a consumer group that participates in our chocolate innovation. Currently, the group is providing feedback on new Bark Bar flavors. The winning flavor will become a permanent part of our product mix. Anyone can sign-up at moonstruckchocolate.com/chocolate-lab.

Is there anything on the horizon you would like to mention?

We’re really excited about the new products we’re introducing in 2019. Keep an eye out for expansion and new flavors in both our classic and bark bar lines!