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For the Love of Making Chocolate: Micelli Interviews SPOT

Hear From The First Chocolate Edibles Brand To Hit The Legalized Market In Washington

We’re back for another installment of  For the Love of Making Chocolate. Our latest talk with the trailblazers at SPOT delves into the enticing chocolate edibles experience they’re crafting in the legalized state of Washington. No strangers to being first on the scene, they broke onto the legalized market with their french couverture chocolate in 2014 and have continued to produce high quality and innovative products since then.

Sourcing only the finest organic cannabis to work with they ensure that each bar of their chocolate is precisely infused for a reliable and delicious product. A passion for quality is the driving force behind this pioneering brand and is mirrored in their tagline – “It’s legal now, you deserve the best.”

Read our interview to discover more about SPOT!

Can you describe the importance of using French Couverture Chocolate in your recipes and how it sets Spot apart?

When we first started SPOT edibles back in 2014, we knew that we wanted to stand out and give people a reason to buy our products other than just the fact that they were infused with cannabis. For us that meant creating the best possible food with the best possible ingredients, and to make the best possible chocolate, we wanted to use French Couverture chocolate. With its higher cocoa butter content, French Couverture is easier for us to use and makes for a beautiful final product.

What goes into choosing the best cannabis farmers to source your ingredients from?

We have always wanted to use the best ingredients for SPOT and that includes the cannabis we infuse it with. Our team spent a lot of time talking with cannabis farmers all around the state before settling on Emerald Twist farms. They are Clean Green Certified, which means their cannabis is grown at or above organic standards. Beyond that, they have an appreciation and understanding of cannabis that has made them phenomenal partners in business and in our mission to dismantle the long running stigma around cannabis consumption.

Your most recently released line of chocolate introduces unique blends of THC and CBD to offer your customers a new edibles experience. What are the benefits of combining these two cannabinoids in one product?

All cannabis has varying amounts of THC and CBD. We were the first company to decide we wanted to make a chocolate that had a specific ratio of THC to CBD with more CBD to provide more of a high in the body than mind. We realized that through these ratios we could create specific ‘experiences’ that would better help consumers find a product that worked for them depending on what sort of experience they were looking for. THC and CBD always work better together, so we want people to think about their edibles in a new and reliable way, perfect for a dinner party, a night in or a concert, but something for every occasion.

How does your customer influence product development?

Our customers influence almost every aspect of our product development. When we recognized more people were trying to find products with both THC and CBD, we knew we had to create a product to meet that demand. It was through customer feedback that we realized that people loved the quality of our product and why we doubled down on using only the finest ingredients in our products.

How are Micelli Molds integral to your final product?

When we were getting started, it was important for us to equip our team to the same standards that some of the best confectionary teams in the country and the world use. And because we were making a product that people were going to experience beyond just their taste buds, we wanted to create a molded chocolate that looked amazing. The team at Micelli provided us with chocolate molds that were not only great to work with day in and day out, but that produced an amazing final product that we know looks, tastes and feels better than any other infused chocolate out there.

What’s on the horizon for Spot in the booming edibles industry?

SPOT is always looking for new ways to dismantle the stigma around cannabis consumption. Our products are presently only available in Washington, but we are looking to expand beyond into additional states that have legalized cannabis. We are also looking to further expand our core offering of products with form factors that allow us to continue to champion edibles that use quality ingredients and the best cannabis we can find.

For the Love of Making Chocolate,

The Micelli Team