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For The Love of Making Chocolate: Micelli Interviews NUG

NUG Focuses On Sourcing The Finest Ingredients To Yield Delicious Results

NUG is a cutting-edge cannabis company based in California, producing organic seed to sale cannabis as well as award-winning edibles. Our talk with Edibles Director, Tyler Cooke, dives into the passion behind this master craftsman’s creations. Using his culinary training, Tyler combines the health benefits of cannabis with enticing gourmet flavors for an exceedingly enjoyable experience. Unique flavor combinations such as Salted Almond and Mocha Crunch can be enjoyed without the taste of THC using NUG labs odorless and flavorless distillate, making these chocolates a hit with their customers.

This innovative cannabis company run by CEO John Oram is rapidly expanding, opening several new facilities and retail locations throughout California in 2019. While their chocolates are a long-standing fan favorite, they’ve recently added new NUG Pops as a refreshing option in an increasingly popular industry.

Keep reading to discover more about NUG's exceptionally flavored chocolate edibles.

How did you decide to pursue an interest in the edibles market?

I’ve been passionate about food since I was a kid, attended culinary school and opened my first restaurant at age 25 in Chico, California and even worked as a chef abroad in New Zealand. But I started cooking with cannabis about five years ago after recovering from cancer – for the second time. I was never against cannabis but hadn’t used it in the past, but when your life is on the line, you’ll pretty much try anything. I would dare to say that cannabis saved my life. Now, as Edibles Director for NUG, it’s my passion to make edibles that taste as delicious as possible and come up with ways to medicate our favorite foods, both for pleasure and for health treatments.

Your award-winning chocolate bars are known for their delicious flavor palettes. What is the inspiration behind some of these flavors?

The chocolate bars are a true passion. We find the absolute best ingredients we can and try not to mess them up. All of our chocolate is Organic and Fair Trade, both of these things are very important at NUG. 

NUG CEO/Founder, John Oram.

What goes into choosing the best ingredients for your chocolate bars?

We follow everything to the source. This helps us understand where our raw ingredients come from. Things like knowing the regions where our cacao is grown. Understanding the process and the struggle to produce amazing chocolate. I really think you can taste it in the final product! 

Do you have any personal favorite products in your line?

I have always loved the NUG Dark Chocolate bar but our new NUG POPs are my current favorite. 

NUG Edibles Director, Tyler Cooke.

How are Micelli's molds integral to your final product?

Micelli's' molds are critical to our success. We produce tens of thousands of chocolate bars a month at NUG and they all need to be exact. The precision of the Micelli molds is key to our success.

What’s on the horizon for NUG?

The future is bright at NUG. We are always pushing the limits of cannabis technology. We have some really exciting things in the pipeline 2020 is going to be fun! 

For The Love of Making Chocolate,

The Micelli Team